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Maplins' dedicated staff at the Crimpton-on-Sea holiday camp. From left to right, Sports organiser and Chief yellowcoat Gladys Pugh (played by Ruth Madoc) is madly in love with Entertainments Manager Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell), but will she get her man? Also, Camp Host Ted Bovis (Paul Shane) and Camp Comic Spike Dixon (Jeffrey Holland) are there to make sure you're laughing all day!

'Hi-de-Hi!', a British sitcom written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, is about a typical British holiday camp in the late 1950s and 1960s. It was first shown in the UK on the BBC in 1980, when the Pilot Episode was transmitted on New Year's Day. afterwards a further 57 episodes were shown until January 1988 when the show ended. Cable and satellite station UK Gold have repeated the episodes in 1995 (three times), 1996 (once) and 1997 (twice) and it is one of UK Gold's all-time most popular sitcoms.

You Rang M'Lord? was the sequel to Hi-de-Hi! Many of the original cast followed on to this Upstairs Downstairs take-off which was set in a stately home in 1927, and the social differences between the servants and their rich employers. Paul Shane and Su Pollard starred again, and were joined by Donald Hewlett as the rich Lord Meldrum. It ran from 1988-1992 and 26 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, were made.

Are You Being Served? was one of David Croft's most successful sitcoms. He co-wrote 69 episodes with his other writing partner Jeremy Lloyd, and the show has a huge following in the USA. Set in a fictional department store, it featured the staff of Ladies and Gents' outfitters. The show ran in Britain from 1972 to 1985, and a movie was made in 1977. Recently the show was revived in the UK, when the BBC ran an extended run of repeats of episodes from September 1997 to June 1998, and a new run of episodes began on Saturday 11 July. Reports estimated the viewing figures reached a high of almost 10 million viewers, nearly making the top ten BBC programmes in a week.

This website began on July 15, and is nearly approaching a year online. If you have any comments, please e-mail me, sign the guestbook, or leave a message at the message board.

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(15-July-98) The Hi-de-Hi! Homepage is one year old today!! Thank you to everyone who has visited the page, signed the guestbook, joined the message board, or even voted in the Episode Polls and AYBS? Awards. Without you the counter would not have started yet. Instead it is over 1600 which was beyond my expectations when the page began! More updates by the end of the week.

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Are You Being Served? was back in its Saturday tea-time slot last week, and continues on 18 July with the 'Dear Sexy Knickers...' episode.

The black and white repeats of Dad's Army began on Tuesday 14 July with the very first episode. The entire first series of six episodes will continue on BBC2 next week as part of the Dad's Army 30th anniversary celebrations.

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