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1. All Change - At the peaceful country railway station in Hatley, life appears to be uncomplicated. Then the newspaper arrives with the news that Dr Beeching, the Minister of Transport, is rumoured to be planning to close down a large proportion of the national rail network. (Original BBC transmission date: 1 July 1996) Jack Skinner... PAUL SHANE
Ethel Schumann... SU POLLARD
May Skinner... JULIA DEAKIN
Vera Plumtree... BARBARA NEW
Harry Lambert... STEPHEN LEWIS
Gloria Skinner... LINDSAY GRIMSHAW
Wilfred Schumann... PAUL ASPDEN


Welcome to the Oh Doctor Beeching Episode Guide and Cast List. Email me at the address on the main page if you have any questions or comments. If you'd like to discuss ODB with other fans, the Message Board is waiting for your comments.

Oh Doctor Beeching is premiered in the US this month! Selected PBS channels will be showing episodes of Oh Doctor Beeching for the first time during July.

There's still been no news of whether the BBC has given the go-ahead for a third series of Oh Doctor Beeching in 1999. Keep your fingers crossed that a positive decision is made soon.

Perry Benson (Ralph) has been spotted in a television advert for Listerine Mouthwash, playing the part of a tooth fairy!

Last update: 5 July 1998

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2. Talking Turkey - Everyone at the station is talking about Dr Beeching who is planning to close down a large proportion of the national rail network. (8 July 1996)
3. The Train Now Standing - Cecil Parkin, the new stationmaster, is intent on making an impression at Hatley. Jack is sure he's already made a big impression on May. (15 July 1996)
4. A Moving Story - Everyone is ready to help Cecil Parkin move into the station master's house at Hatley, but all Cecil wants to do is relax in a hot bath. (22 July 1996)
5. The Late Mr Buckley - Arnold and Ralph drive Blossom into Hatley Station. Unfortunately, one of the passengers is unable to leave the train unassisted. (29 July 1996)
6. Horse Play - There's a horse box in the goods yard at Hatley Station and Wilfred is on hand with a bucket of water and a bale of hay. (5 August 1996)
7. Past Love - The staff are up early, and happy to meet a new arrival at Hatley Station. (12 August 1996)
8. Job Opportunity - May is keen to make a career move away from Hatley Station, but both Jack and Cecil have good reasons to try to stop her from leaving. (19 August 1996)
9. Sleeping Around - Jack and May have problems with their teenage daughter. (27 August 1996)
10. No Milk For The Minister - There is a crisis in the buffet when May discovers that there is no milk and the Minister of Transport is on his way. (29 June 1997)
11. Father's Day - Cecil and Jack are at each other's throats again in what turns out to be an encounter of most unusual sort. (6 July 1997)
12.The Gravy Train - When Jack finds a fortune it looks as though all of his troubles could be over. (13 July 1997)
13. The Van - Cecil Parkin is issued with a British Railways van - if only he could drive it. (20 July 1997)
14. Lucky Strike - All is quiet at Hatley Station until Ralph decides to go on strike. (27 July 1997)
15. Love is a Very Splendid Thing - Ethel falls for an American airman called Joe, and Wilfred over-reacts. (17 August 1997)
16. A Bowl In The Hand - The annual bowls club outing seems an ideal opportunity for Cecil to be alone with May. (7 September 1997)
17. Action Stations - The staff are tipped off that a VIP is due to visit. (14 September 1997)
18. A Pregnant Pause - Arnold and Ralph go on a course to learn to drive diesel trains. (21 September 1997)
19. Ton Up - Hatley Station is 100 years old, so the staff decide to celebrate. (28 September 1997)