Episode List

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The Pilot
Jeffrey Fairbrother MA leaves Cambridge University for the seaside, where he takes over a Butlins-style holiday camp.


Desire In The Mickey Mouse Grotto
Jeff is accused of spending time with a female holiday-camper.

The Beauty Queen Affair
The Holiday Princess Competition causes problems for Jeff.

The Partridge Season
Mr Partridge's drinking habits mean a temporary replacement is required.

The Day Of Reckoning
Is someone determined to exact their revenge on Fred Quilley?

Charity Begins At Home
Joe Maplin decrees that every Thursday should become Sunshine Smile Day.

No Dogs Allowed
Jeff brings Bubbles to the camp. Confused? So are the staff...


If Wet - In The Ballroom
It's raining, and it's down to Mr Partridge to provide extra children's entertainment.

Peggy's Big Chance
Joe Maplin wants more staff participation around the swimming pool, and Peggy gets to play the role of a shark.

Lift Up Your Minds
Jeff wants to add some more class to the camp, but his Record Recitals are not quite the campers' cup of tea.

On With The Motley
Ted gets his chance to better himself.

A Night Not To Remember
The staff gossip over what happened after Gladys took a drunken Jeff back to his chalet.

Sausages Or Limelight
Ted comes up with an ingenious way to reduce the eating habits of the campers.


Nice People With Nice Manners
Yvonne and Barry decide to hold a party, but the likes of Ted and Mr Partridge are not invited.

Carnival Time
It's time for the Crimpton-on-Sea carnival, but are the staff fully prepared?

A Matter Of Conscience
Joe Maplin wants the staff to prevent a hospital being built next to the camp.

The Pay-Off
Jeff is given 1000 by Joe Maplin to bribe the local councillors.

Trouble and Strife
Ted's wife turns up for some settlement fees.

Gladys is mortified when her half-brother Gareth Davies arrives.

Co-Respondent's Course
Jeff's ex-wife's partner arrives to try to get Jeff to give grounds for divorce.

It's A Blue World
Ted starts showing blue movies to the campers after dark.

The Society Entertainer
Gladys is in a bad mood, because she has to share her Radio Maplin duties with Sylvia.

Sing You Sinners
Ted gives the Sunday Half-Hour an American feel, but as usual there's something behind it all.

Maplin Intercontinental
Yvonne wants to enter the Most Popular Girl Yellowcoat contest. However, Gladys and Sylvia are the only real competitors.

All Change
Tracy is promoted to Chief Yellowcoat and Sports Organiser, and Gladys is not very happy.

The Mighty Mountain of Pitspaloo wrecks Ted's act, and he organises a sabotage.


Peggy discovers that the local councillor Charlie Dawson wants to ruin Joe Maplin.

Save Our Heritage
Jeff and the staff save an old house from being knocked down.

Empty Saddles
Joe Maplin suggests sending Fred's ill horses to the knacker's yard.

The Marriage Settlement
Jeff agrees to a divorce settlement with his wife, but will Gladys approve?

The Graven Image
Joe Maplin decrees that statues of himself be put up at all of his Holiday Camps.

Peggy's Penfriend
Peggy's penpal proposes marriage, unfortunately he's in his 60s.

The Epidemic
There is an outbreak of chads at Maplins.


Together Again
Gladys cannot find Jeffrey Fairbrother at the start of a new Maplins season. Ted plans his promotion.

Ted At The Helm
Ted is under the impression that he is to become the new Entertainments Manager.

Opening Day
The staff welcome the first campers of the new season.

Off With The Motley
Peggy gets promotion, but her new job as Miss Cathcart's assistant means she has to stay away from the fun outside.

Hey Diddle Diddle Who's On The Fiddle
Squadron Leader Dempster is accused of being one of Joe Maplin's agents.

Ted decides to raffle off Clive's sportscar.


The Great Cat Robbery
Ted hopes to find buried treasure under one of the chalets.

It's Murder
Mr Partridge gets on the wrong side of everybody, and his body is later found in the swimming pool.

Who Killed Mr Partridge?
The murder inquiry continues, and Fred and Ted are suspected of the crime.

Spaghetti Galore
Gladys celebrates her birthday in style.

A Lack Of Punch
A new Children's Entertainer is hired at last.

Ivory Castles In The Air
Spike and Gladys become Mr and Mrs Fluorabrite Toothpaste, and Joe Maplin immediately organises their wedding.

Man Trap
Clive and Gladys become engaged, much to Dawn's disappointment.


Pigs Might Fly
Barry has left Maplins, and a replacement is called for. Spike falls in love with Gladys.

The New Broom
The new Camp Controller wreaks havoc and upsets Peggy.

Orphan In The Storm
Peggy and Clive are sacked, and Gladys leaves to join Clive. Uncle Sammy saves the day when he has a word with Joe Maplin.

God Bless Our Family
Clive digs himself into a hole when he backs Gladys up against his family, who want to stop the wedding.

Only The Brave
It's April's birthday and Ted organises a surprise party.

September Song
Yvonne visits Julian's farm and is not impressed. Ted gets engaged to a young camper.


Tell It To The Marines
The Royal Marines make a visit and challenge the Yellowcoats to a race.

Spike proposes to April, but Clive and Glady's marriage is cancelled.

The Perils Of Peggy
Ted uses Peggy in an attempt to revive Gladys and Clive's relationship.

Let Them Eat Cake
Ted and Spike re-enact The French Revolution in the pool.

Wedding Bells
Gladys and Clive are finally married, despite his family's attempts to stop it going ahead.

The Winds Of Change
Joe Maplin closes the camps forever a week after Peggy becomes a yellowcoat.