Episode List

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The Pilot
Ladies Intimate Apparel moves onto the Gents Ready-Mades department floor, which does not please Mr Grainger.


Dear Sexy Knickers...
A note written by Mr Lucas is intended for Miss Brahms, but it goes astray and causes trouble.

Our Figures Are Slipping
A lack of sales causes Mr Rumbold to organise an after-hours meeting.

Camping In
The staff have to stay at the store overnight during a transport strike.

His and Hers
The centre display stand is replaced by a perfume salesgirl.

Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend
A wealthy lady loses a valuable diamond in the store.


The Clock
Mr Grainger celebrates his 65th birthday, and worries that he will be made redundant.

Cold Comfort
The heating system is switched off to save money, and the staff each come up with their own unique heating devices.

The Think Tank
The staff perform their own fashion show to increase sales.

Big Brother
Mr Rumbold and the new Store Detective introduce a security camera, but it has an adverse effect on the personalities of the staff.

Hoorah For The Holidays
The decorators are coming in, so the staff must take their annual holiday to coincide with the store closure.


The Hand Of Fate
Mr Rumbold is in line for promotion.

Coffee Morning
The staff are in revolt.

Up Captain Peacock
Captain Peacock is allowed access to the Executive Washroom and the Executive Dining Room.

Cold Store
Mr Lucas finds that getting the day off is not as easy as he thought.

Wedding Bells
Is Mrs Slocombe going to marry Young Mr Grace?

German Week
The staff introduce a special week of selling German goods.

Shoulder to Shoulder
Mrs Slocombe invades Mr Grainger's limited counter space, while her derpartment is being decorated.

New Look
The store introduces a 1920s theme.

Christmas Crackers


No Sale
The store opens thirty minutes earlier than usual.

Top Hat And Tails
The staff enter a ballroom-dancing competition.

Forward Mr Grainger
Mr Grainger is promoted to Acting Department Manager in Rumbold's absence.

Fire Practice
The staff fail miserably at a fire drill and are given after-hours lessons by Mr Harman.

Fifty Years On
Before the staff can celebrate Mrs Slocombe's birthday, they must discover what her first name is, and also her age.

Oh What A Tangled Web
Captain Peacock is accuse of having an affair with Miss Hazelwood.

The Father Christmas Affair
The staff compete for the post of in-store Santa.


Mrs Slocombe Expects
Mrs Slocombe's pussy is having kittens.

A Change Is As Good As A Rest
The entire department is temporarily transferred to Toys and Games.

Founder's Day
The staff celebrates Young Mr Grace's 79th birthday with a 'This Is Your Life'-style tribute.

The Old Order Changes
The store finally gets modernised - the rule book is thrown out, and the staff are now on first name terms.

Grace Brothers faces a takeover bid, and the staff are forced to help defeat it.

Goodbye Mr Grainger
It is decided that Mr Grainger is too old to stay on at Grace Brothers.

It Pays To Advertise
A television commercial is to be made to advertise Grace Brothers.


By Appointment
The staff return from holiday to find that Mr Percival Tebbs is the new Senior Salesman, and that a royal visit is on the cards.

The Club
A social club is to be located in the basement.

Do You Take This Man?
Mrs Slocombe agrees to marry a Greek.

Shedding The Load
Staff cuts have to be made, and a meeting is called to decide who should be fired.

A Bliss Girl
The arrival of the Bliss perfume counter means that Mr Humphries has to join the ladies counter.

Happy Returns
Mr Grace's 80th birthday is celebrated with a Dance Of The Toys performance.


The Junior
Mr Humphries and Mr Lucas are both promoted, and the department advertises for a new junior.

Strong Stuff This Insurance
The staff apply for health insurance.

The Apartment
There's some squatters in Mrs Slocombe's new flat, so she takes up temporary accommodation on the Fifth Floor.

Mrs Slocombe, Senior Person
Mr Rumbold is away through illness, and is replaced by Mrs Slocombe, who soon finds she preferred life behind the counter.

The Hero
Captain Peacock is challenged to a fight by Mr Franco of the Sports Department.

Anything You Can Do
The staff have to take over the running of The Canteen.

The Agent
Mr Goldberg tries to get new jobs for Mr Humphries and Mrs Slocombe.

The Punch and Judy Affair


Is It Catching?
Mr Humphries contracts a rare tropical disease.

A Personal Problem
Mr Rumbold's secretary turns out to be Captain Pecock's wife.

Front Page Story
Mr Humphries is made editor of the new Staff Magazine.

Sit Out
The staff protest against working conditions on the roof of Grace Brothers

Heir Apparent
Mr Klein arrives from Cutting, and Old Mr Grace believes he is Mr Humphries' long-lost father.

Closed Circuit
The wealthy Lord Hirly falls in love with Miss Brahms.

The Erotic Dreams Of Mrs Slocombe
Mrs Slocombe has fallen for Mr Humphries.



The Sweet Smell Of Success
Mrs Slocombe invents her own perfume.

Conduct Unbecoming
Mr Humphries is accused of dipping his hands in the till.

Memories Are Made Of This
Captain Peacock hits Mrs Slocombe on the head with a golf ball and causes her to lose her memory.

Calling All Customers
The store advertises on CB Radio

Monkey Business
Grace Brothers is threatened with a Japanese takeover bid.

Lost And Found
Mr Humphries accidentally proposes to Mrs Slocombe.


Goodbye Mrs Slocombe
Mrs Slocombe is the victim of age discrimination.

Grounds For Divorce
Captain Peacock has to decide between Mrs Peacock, Miss Bagnold and Miss Belfridge.

The Hold-Up
Burglars break into the store during a late-night stocktaking.

Gambling Fever
The staff become hooked on gambling.

The Night Club
The staff create a late-night social club in the store, and advertise it in the local cinema.

Friends and Neighbours
To cut down on travelling costs, the staff make use of the three flats on the top floor.

The Pop Star
Mr Spooner's hidden talents are revealed.