Episode List

Meet The Gang
The 'Quit India' movement gains even more support - could this be the end of British rule in the country?

My Lovely Boy
All the evidence seems to suggest BSM Williams is Parky's long-lost dad.

The Mutiny Of The Punka Wallahs
The punka wallahs go on strike after an electric fan threatens to put them out of a job.

Jungle Patrol
The sergeant major takes the concert party on a jungle survival course.

The Road To Bannu
The Concert Party becomes stranded in a remote part of the North West Frontier.

The Inspector Calls
The BSM devises a musical number for the Concert Party.

Showing The Flag
The Sergeant Major attempts to train his men in the ancient ceremony of lowering the Union Jack at sunset.

Down In The Jungle
When the Concert Party's plane has to make a forced landing, the men naturally wonder which side of the enemy line they are on.

The Natives Are Revolting
The Sergeant Major tries to find out who is responsible for hoisting up the Indian National Flag in place of the Union Jack.

Cabaret Time
The Concert Party are booked to provide the cabaret at the Karma Sutra Club.

The Curse Of The Sadhu
The Sergeant Major could be making a big mistake when he forcibly removes a Holy Man from the parade ground.

Forbidden Fruits
Passions are running high among the hot-blooded men of the Concert Party.

Has Anyone Seen My Cobra?
A snake-charmer's missing snake turns up in the Sergeant Major's quarters.

The Night Of The Thugs
The concert party take refuge in a ruined temple when they are caught in a deluge miles from camp.

The Supremo Show

Mind My Maharajah

Bang Goes The Maharajah

The Grand Illusion
The sergeant-major despairs over turning the concert party into a formidable fighting force - after all, they can't even drill correctly.

Pale Hands I Love
The dreaded Black Scorpian Tong put the Sergeant-Major right at the top of their hit-list.

Don't Take The Micky
The concert party face the dreadful prospect of losing their pianist.

Monsoon Madness
The hot weather is too much for Lofty Sugden and he decides that someone must die - preferably the BSM.

Kidnapped In The Khyber

A Fate Worse Than Death
Mrs Waddilove-Evans is rescued from the hands of fierce and presumably lecherous tribesmen, but why is she looking so cheerful?

Ticket To Blighty
The Concert Party help Gloria to get a discharge.

Lofty's Little Friend

Flight To Jawani
The Royal Artillery Concert Party go to a remote airfield to give a show for some RAF men who've not seen a woman for two years.

We Are Not Amused
The Royal Artillery Concert Party put on a special patriotic show for the newly appointed District Officer.

Twenty-One Today
BSM Williams, convinced that Gunner Parkins is his long-lost son, wants to mark the lad's twenty-first birthday with a special gift.

Front Line Entertainers
The Concert Party find themselves a little too close to the front line for comfort when they are posted to Burma.

Bridge Over The River Hipong
The Concert Party build a rope bridge over a dangerous river to carry urgent medical supplies.

The Pay Off
The Concert Party are ordered to find the hide-out of local bandits to hand over the customary 'peace' bribe.

Puddings From Heaven
The Concert Party find themselves with a surplus of Christmas puddings, the result of an air drop near the village.

The Superstar
The Concert Party members are made to feel redundant when a talented new arrival steals the limelight.

The Eternal Quadrangle
A pretty Burmese girl captures the heart of more than one member of the Concert Party.

The Stars Look Down
The Concert Party are detailed to be extras in an American propaganda film.

The Big League
The Colonel insists that the Concert Party deliberately lose a football match against a Burmese team.

The Great Payroll Snatch
A band of local Burmese bandits plan to steal a large sum of money from under the Concert Party's nose.

The Dhobi Wallahs
The Concert Party members are captured by the Japanese and ordered to become saboteurs.

Lead Kindly Light

Holidays At Home
Lofty dreams that he is taking part in the Mutiny on the Bounty.

Caught Short
The Concert Party cash box is 500 rupees short and Captain Ashwood is determined to root out the culprit.

That's Entertainment
The BSM makes a decision guaranteed to cause uproar when he picks a Scottish audience to watch a special English performance.

The Guinea Pigs
The Concert Party are roped into testing a new anti-malaria drug.

Dog In The Manger
A lady welfare officer who has fallen madly in love with Captain Ashwood contrives to spend a night with him in the jungle.

The Great Broadcast
The men rehearse for a spot on a Forces' radio programme.

Class Of 1945
In an effort to get rid of the Sergeant Major, the Concert Party persuade him to apply for a commission.

Star Commandos
The Brigadier has something a little more strenuous in mind for the Concert Party than entertaining the troops.

Gloria's Finest Hour
Bombardier Beaumont is hailed as a hero after an unlikely accident.

Money Talks

A film of an old Hollywood musical gives Gloria the urge to stage one of the Concert Party shows on the nearby river.

The Last Warrior
Williams leads the concert party on an expedition to flush out a lone Japanese soldier occupying a strategically-placed island.

Never The Twain Shall Meet
The Royal Artillery Concert Party face a dilemma when the villagers want to reclaim the hut that they are occupying.

The Long Road Home
The Royal Artillery Concert Party are due for demob and start the journey home.

The Last Roll Call
Awaiting demob, the Concert Party find that the BSM is determined that they should be disciplined soldiers to the bitter end.