The 1998 AYBS? Awards


This November, the winners of the 2nd annual Are You Being Served? Awards will be announced. We need new categories, though, to make the Awards bigger and better than last year! Last year's categories were:

Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Character
Best Supporting Character
Worst Actor
Best Senior Salesman
Best Secretary
Best Character Never Seen on the Show
Best Season
Worst Season
Best Episode
Worst Episode

Of course these categories are all pretty boring, so we want you to come up with as many original ideas as you can! Send all your ideas and comments on our latest suggestions to along with your nominations for the category, i.e. Best Actor - Mollie Sugden, John Inman, Frank Thornton.

Tice Rust has sent me two suggestions for the 1998 awards, Raciest Episode, and Best Musical Episode.

The final categories and nominations will be announced during September, voting commences on October 1, and the winners of the 1998 AYBS? Awards will be announced on November 1.

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