The 1997 AYBS? Awards


Mollie Sugden has been voted the Best Actor by fans of the hit 70s sitcom 'Are You Being Served?' She won a third of the votes for her portrayal of Mrs Slocombe in a close contest, with John Inman close to victory. However, the tables were turned when Inman's character Mr Humphries won clearly with 64% of the votes! Best Supporting Actor was the late Arthur English, who played maintenance man Mr Harman.

Best Actor: Mollie Sugden 33%

Best Supporting Actor: Arthur English 64%

Best Character: Mr Humphries 64%

Best Supporting Character: Miss Brahms 36%; Mr Harman 36%

Worst Actor: Milo Sperber 46%; Kenneth Waller 46%

Best Senior Salesman: Mr Grainger 92%

Best Secretary: Miss Belfridge 64%

Best Character Never Seen On The Show: Mrs Axelbee 86%

Best Season: 1976 36%; 1977 36%

Worst Season: 1981 50%; 1984 50%

Best Episode: The Erotic Dreams Of Mrs Slocombe 18%

Worst Episode: Gambling Fever 17%; Sit Out 17%

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