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Wherever possible, the people mentioned have written their description themselves. People who fail to submit a picture get the GORILLA.


Awaiting Details.


Claire from Surrey, She is 16 and she's MAD FER IT. Boys watch out this one bites!


A natural born babe with lovely personality from Somerset, who is totally devoted and madly in love with Danny-Boy and Lark (her horse).


Cybill16 is Caroline Hutchings, who is 16 and lives in Cambridge, UK. Her brother is Repton (see the blokes). She claims to be a MaDKoW, which many people have agreed with after encountering her on IRC, and seems to think she's ugly and fat, so take a look at this picture and tell her she's wrong!

Caroline's Homepage:


This is Jo who's 17 and from Sheffield. She's also a Goddess. What more needs to be said?

Jo's Homepage:


Fizza is Philly, and is 16 years old from Nottingham. She's just done crap exams and is no doubt relieved. She loves going out and having a good time, always at someone else's expense (her dad!) Music wise she loves all sorts, but Robbie is apparently "pretty damn fine", especially at Glastonbury this year!


Kati is 15 from Chigwell, Essex. She's very musical, amongst other things. She plays the piano and saxaphone. She also acts, sings and dances in many theatres in London. She is looking out to be in the media, so remember her! She loves South Park and Friends, loves arty stuff and all types of music, including Radiohead and Blur. Basically she's a budding actress, and is obsessed with CkB.

Lucky Dip

17 year old babe from Northwood, London. Baby sister of Danny-Boy. She's cheeky, sexy and flirty (she probably picks that one up from her brother!)