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Wherever possible, the people mentioned have written their description themselves. people who fail to submit a picture get the GORILLA.


^W^ilf is a 18 yr old male from london. I've been told to comment on only the best bits about him, but in the name of comment length, have decided to ignore this. He is a wierd little guy, who cracks A LOT of very bad jokes. He is very egotistical, so the easiest way to get at him is to comment on any one of his blatantly obvious bad points. If you can, just avoid him like he was a small squelchy thing that you just found on your shoe, which has the plague and very bad breath. - ^W^ilf

^W^ilf's -Shite- Homepage:


I am a 14 year-old student who lives on the Isle of Wight, My nick is Blokee but my real name is Neil, I am into Formula 1 in a big way, and am a massive fan of Portsmouth Football Club. I can normally be found on-line weekend evenings.


This here is Chuffin, you can call him Chuff, Dave, whatever you want really!! He is 17 from Lancashire. A typical nawthan lad, he comes into #UKTeens quite a lot and always makes people laugh and regularly makes fun of Supergirl (thats only because shes makes fun of him :o)

(Written by Lynsey.)


CkB is 16 and from Dartford in Kent, UK. He's a computer know-all, and is now running the channel. He's currently trying to clone himself on the absent Danny-Boy (see below) and is showing some signs of success, in that he's got all the girls after him! (See the Gossip page for more on that!) Chris is always quick to kick people out, so don't mention badminton racquets to him or you'll be signing your own death warrant!


Curly is named after his fellow loser-in-love, Coronation Street's Curly Watts. (and no that's not really my pic!) 16 year old Dan from Tonbridge is always on the look out for romance but there's no way he'll ever succeed!! When not cracking terrible jokes at the expense of others in the channel, he's sure to be found at the local football club 'innocently talking' to some female fans.


Super-stud Danny-Boy is from London and a former owner of #UKTeens. He's now left the channel, but you can still see some of his words of wisdom on the Guestbook/Online Message board since he's a regular contributor. He sold himself as a "Natural Born Bastard" which certainly attracted many of his "galies". Still, all good things must come to an end, and he's committed himself to his Missus and quit IRC. However, reports have confirmed that you may spot him online on one-off occasions in the future.

R.I.P. - Died whilst having a dump.


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